As well as being a psychologist specialising in cognitive behaviour therapy, Doreen Davy is the author of Emotional Life: Managing your feelings to make the most of your precious time on Earth. The book looks at how our emotions can positively or negatively affect many important areas of life such as relationships, health, communication, behaviour, authenticity, goals, philosophy and spirituality, and explains how we can become the master of our own emotions. Combined with teaching skills and strategies for managing emotions, a philosophical thread weaves its way throughout the book, providing an inspirational perspective on the importance of really experiencing our precious gift of life.


e14f4da76f4e650ffff8154ffffd502Emotional Life explains what emotions are, where they come from, and the ways in which we can enhance the quality of life by managing both our positive and negative emotions.

Review…this book provides the reader with tools to become their own therapist. If you are seeking more control over your life and happiness, I am confident that this new book by Doreen Davy – an experienced therapist who practices what she preaches – will contribute significantly to that desirable goal.
Wayne Froggatt, Centre for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, New Zealand.



Available in paperback or e-book. Published by Psyche Books (UK) 2014.

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